About the method

The method of ThetaHealing® founded by Vianna Stibal has helped many people all over the world. It’s very likely that it will help you as well!
Did you know...
  1. ThetaHealing® is recognized as one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques in the world.
  2. In Japan ThetaHealing® is taught even at the State Medical University in Tokyo.
  3. The founder of ThetaHealing technique, Vianna Stibal, healed herself from cancer and since has helped greatly many people all over the world to solve their problems.

What is ThetaHealing® and how does it work?

ThetaHealing® is a technique that allows using hidden brain resources for development, healing yourself and others. The fact is that the human brain constantly emits electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. For example, there is a frequency of 12-40 Hz during active communication, the so-called beta waves, and there is a frequency of 4-8 Hz just before falling asleep - the so-called theta waves. Scientists believe that when the human brain emits theta waves, a person is floating between consciousness and unconsciousness. At this level there are subconscious negative programs that affect our behavior, beliefs, and quality of our life. Using technique of ThetaHealing could replace or delete negative subconscious programs, as in the theta state the human mind is extremely "flexible". The only required condition is that a person should really want to be healed or solve problems.
The ThetaHealing technique is fairly simple to use and often shows results already after the first session. It will convince you that your own human abilities are UNLIMITED!
What kinds of waves are emitted by our brain?

In the 1950s the method of electroencephalography (EEG) was developed, which allows to record and study the bioelectric potential of the human brain *.

Currently, five main types of electrical oscillations (potentials) are distinguished in the human brain. Each of them corresponds to a certain frequency and a state of consciousness in which it dominates.

* Bioelectric phenomena (bioelectrical potentials or bioelectrical currents) are electrical processes that are attributes of living tissues.
Was theta state used before its invention by Vianna Stibal?
Even before the invention of the theta state by Vianna the word “hypnagogic” was widely used meaning an unusual mental state between falling asleep and waking up. This term was introduced in the 19th century by the French psychologist Alfred Maury. This state was used by many famous people to achieve outstanding results in their work. For example, Thomas Edison worked on his inventions on a very busy schedule. When he came to a dead-end in his reflections, he sat down in his favorite chair, took a metal ball in his hand (which was freely falling along the chair) and fell asleep. Falling asleep he automatically let the ball out of his hand and the roar of the ball falling to the floor woke him up with fresh ideas for the project he was working on.

Delta brain waves are generated mainly in the right hemisphere of the brain, like alpha and theta waves. The range of delta brain waves is associated with empathy, unconsciousness and a reduced sense of awareness. We fall into a deep sleep when delta waves begin to dominate over the other waves in our brain. Healthy delta wave activity in the brain causes a developed state of empathy, understanding and compassion for others. Delta wave activity reduces the level of cortisol, which is the hormone that accelerates the aging process.

The emanation rate of delta waves: 0.5-4 Hz.

Our brain emits theta waves when a person is almost asleep or just woke up. They are important waves as they define the bridge between consciousness and subconsciousness. In the theta state we can influence the crucial part of subconsciousness that is unavailable in the usual wakeful mind. When we are at the theta state we gain increased capabilities of deep healing, development and growth.

At the same time, it could be dangerous to activate the theta state too much for some people with already a high level of these waves. It could cause sleepiness, distraction and suggestibility.

The emanation rate of theta waves: 4-8 Hz.

Alpha brain waves occur naturally in the period of slight relaxation, or when the eyes are closed, but the person is actually not asleep.

Children are in a state of activity of alpha waves most of the time, more so than adults. Alpha waves reduce stress and anxiety and alike theta waves contribute to enhanced learning and the development of intuition and creativity.

However, remember that if alpha waves are produced in sufficient quantities, their excessive activation may cause a loss of concentration and depression (when exhaustion, laziness and sleepiness cause depression in your case), as well as heightened suggestibility.

The emanation rate of alpha waves: 8-12 Hz.

Beta brain waves usually occur in the waking state and are dominating waves for a healthy adult. When a person is talking, the activity of beta waves naturally accelerates and becomes predominant. However, beta waves also determine the active, loaded, anxious thinking or active concentration.

Therefore, if you are an energetic person or you are in a state of stress, you should avoid the stimulation of beta waves. In addition, an increase of beta activity before falling asleep contributes to hyposomnia.

The emanation rate of beta waves: 12-40 Hz.

Gamma brain waves (subgroup of beta waves) are the fastest waves that reflect the peak activity of the consciousness of a human being.

The emanation rate of gamma waves: 35-45 Hz.

Modern methods of computer analysis of brain electrical activity revealed that in the waking state all waves are present in the brain. The efficiency of the brain is connected to the synchronization of oscillations observed in all ranges of waves in symmetric areas of both hemispheres of the brain. Perhaps the most important aspect linking brain waves with a person’s health is the ability to modify these waves according to the requirements of the situation.