Improvement of relationships and health of the entire family
Natasha, Magician!
How many things you did for me and my family)) Thank you!

And now, in substance and to the point, as they say!

The daughter had a temperature of 39. Natalia cared for her throughout the night and after half an hour the temperature fell and did not rise again in the morning, although it stayed at the same level for several days.

My hair started falling out within a few months after giving birth. Natalia regained bulbs after one session and soon hair stopped falling out. The amazing thing is that hair began to grow even thicker, the new bulbs were opened and hair grew denser!

Husband: Natasha worked with him on his circulatory system and after the first session there was a blush on his cheeks. Before that he was pale all the time. After that, his values began to change. It was successful work done with my husband that has a positive influence on our relationship.

And these are just some of the highlights of all that she has done for me!

Natalie is a very responsive, smooth and intuitive person and a wonderful healer. It was a great pleasure to work with her and it's beneficial and pleasant to listen to her advice, because it always has positive effects. And even when she says “By the way, this is also about me”)), I am applying it to myself!
Thank you, Natasha, for being there in my life.
With love to you and your family!
Violetta, Moscow, Russia
Good mood and energy!

After training with you I woke up in the morning in a very good mood, cheerful and full of energy. It was a completely different picture of the world clarified for me. I do not know how to describe it in words. It's magic!

Thank you for everything!!! It's a miracle! I look forward to your reply!!!
Elena, Kaliningrad, Russia

The successful cases

Healing of schizophrenia
Natalia, hello! I want to share with you that your work is not in vain! =)
The diagnosis of Darina by doctors is not confirmed… I think this is all thanks to theta healing. Thank you!))
Mother of Darina, Moscow, Russia
Health improvement
Natasha, hello! I am writing to express huge thanks to you! (Hug) After our meeting, all has quietly gone and I am no longer coughing =)
Nelly, Moldova
Improvement of relationships
Natalia, thank you. Sofia began to speak!) And our relationship is much better now.
Catherine, Orenburg, Russia

References about training

"Overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude" for training
"Hello, dear Natalia!!!! Very glad that you responded, I want to talk to you a little bit. I am periodically overwhelmed with gratitude to you and I express it into space :) It is good that we met and that I chose you. It’s good that you are in my life. I want to continue to learn from you. I plan to come to you for training on "diseases and disorders" and it is still a good idea to pass "global relationships" :)
I did not immediately call and write to you. I thought perhaps it was euphoria after school :), but maybe it's about my gratitude =). If you have a couple of minutes, please write to me. I will catch you on Skype. All the best to you, love and new miracles in life!!!! Hugs!
Angelika, Moscow, Russia
Manifestations are realized after training with Natalia!

Thank you very much Natalia – you are an amazing master, teacher, healer and a beautiful, wonderful woman! After passing her course "Intuitive Anatomy" I revealed my previously acquired knowledge and skills (including experience) in a different way ... Somehow all has naturally "gone in the right direction " - simply, clearly, beautifully and at the same time easily. My intuitive abilities are developing better. Excavations have become clearer, faster and most importantly began to give me pleasure. Manifestations are coming to fruition. I am very happy with the results of my work.

Thanks to Natalia for her helpful tips and help. Though unobtrusive, they are always timely! Those who studied with Natasha will most definitely confirm that she is laconic, but her words are always "to the point" and nothing more. And her personal experience (case studies) in general cannot be overestimated. In my practice her words truly helped me.

Amazing vision, inner strength, kindness, sense of humor and endless acceptance and tact...

Natasha, thank you that you exist and for that which you do and give to others in this world. Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you: With all my heart I express my admiration for you and send unconditional love.

Personally, I very much hope that you will come to us to teach your courses or simply for a friendly visit!
Natalia Ivanova, Moscow, Russia
"In admiration of the seminar on intuitive anatomy!"
"Good day, Natalia! My friend recently returned ecstatic from your seminar "Intuitive Anatomy". She responded about you as a person and teacher only with admiration and gratitude. I really want to take this course after such a positive review and only from you. Please, tell me where and when you will be arranging this course."
"Natalia fascinated us from first glance and with every day she continued to surprise us!"

Due to the unstable situation in Ukraine, we decided to study here, not in Russia. I received an sms about the courses Natalia is taking. Having arrived in Lviv, I met with this radiant woman!!! You will not find descriptions and recommendations about Natalia’s character traits anywhere. Here modesty, positive attitude and confident radiates and has an effect on those who surround her! A small, pretty woman - fascinated us at first glance and every day we were surprised more and more. The unusual destiny of this woman tells a lot ... Having been raised in an ordinary family, Natalia made all her dreams in life come true.

CARING MOTHER. She raised and taught two beautiful sons to be kind. By the way, they are successful theta practitioners.

LOVING GRANDMOTHER. Simply take a look at the photo - this young woman has been a grandmother for two years already!

SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LADY. Natalia is the owner and co-owner of many businesses in Lviv.

UNIQUE THETA TEACHER AND PRACTIONER. She is one of the few people (perhaps even the only one), who passed all courses of Vianna. When she purchased the book "Theta Healing", Natalia felt that she must attend Vianna’s courses. She went directly to Vianna without attending training sessions of theta practitioners!!!... She was invited by Vianna to the U.S., where she successfully completed all the courses and was conferred an academic certificate for her achievement.
Larisa, Kyiv, Ukraine