Three reasons to take part in courses on ThetaHealing®
Theta state will help to develop your intuition!
You will heal yourself and others!
You will learn how to think positively and to cope with stress!
When we frequently dwell into the theta state, we are strengthening intuition, the ability to "see" and to "hear" beyond our physical senses. We are also expanding our usual limited perception of reality, as well as the ability to recognize the feelings that we call "animal instinct." However, instincts are still a basic level of intuition. According to the European classification of intuition, there are four levels of it which can be developed through the practice of theta.
The first level
"Physical" intuition – a system that signals danger. This intuition is activated when your life is in danger and helps one to avoid it.
The second level
Emotional intuition. This intuition helps us to understand the feelings and emotions of people close to you.
The third level
Intellectual intuition. Many scientists and inventors are on the third level of intuition. Thomas Edison once said, "Ideas come from space. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true."
The fourth level
A higher mystical intuition. At the fourth level a person’s subconsciousness constantly works to her benefit.

ThetaHealing® is a technique that allows using hidden brain resources for development and healing yourself and others. The founder of ThetaHealing® Vianna Stibal healed herself from cancer and since then has helped many people all over the world to solve their problems. ThetaHealing technique is fairly simple to use and often shows result already after the first session.

Seven useful properties of theta waves:
1) Reduction of stress and anxiety.
2) Assistance in healing the body and mind.
3) Strengthening of feelings and emotions, intuition.
4) High level of creativity.
5) Increased ability of solving problems.
6) The ability to program the subconscious.
7) Increased learning ability (300% higher in comparison with the normal state).

Anything before taking form appears first in thoughts. The energy of the mind can create and destroy. If a person thinks about problems, hardships, failures and illnesses, it attracts them all. And the energy of our positive thoughts will attract the right circumstances and bring us luck.

Did you know that according to many recent studies, even the cells of the body "know" our thoughts? The more grateful we are to our body, the more our body and our cells respond to our positive thoughts helping us to be healthy. Also, being in a theta state of mind lowers the feelings of anxiety, nervousness and stress, which is why our cells “feel” it immediately.