The healing process

Perhaps you have been searching for a solution to your problem for a long time, tried different methods and visited many doctors or psychologists. It is very likely that the method of ThetaHealing® will finally help you to be cured of your disease, as it truly helped many people around the world!

Healing is not only about improvement of your health and release from the disease, but also harmonization of life, relationships and achieving prosperity. Thanks to the Theta Healing technique, sometimes healing can be achieved in a single session. But usually it takes a few sessions to integrate into your mind all those programs and feelings that were modified during the session. After the sessions, you must be attentive to your reactions and train yourself in the manifestation of new programs, feelings and beliefs.

What tasks does the technique of Theta Healing solve?

Getting rid of various fears, resentments and psychological problems, as well as release from externally imposed subconscious programs.
Healing physiological diseases and limitations at the genetic level.
Achievement of balance between spiritual and material life, financial security and abundance.
Improvement of relations with other people.
Revealing true desires, purposes and one’s beloved occupation.

How do theta healing sessions traditionally take place?

The healing is usually done in 1-3 sessions. One session takes about an hour.
You come with a specific problem, the so-called "request". This problem is not necessarily related to health.
A theta healer does some "digging" and begins to search for the root of your problem, asks questions and watches how your body reacts to them.
Once a theta healer finds negative subconscious programs, she removes or replaces them with positive programs. The required condition - replacement of the program takes place only with the permission of the person. It’s also necessary to teach the person how to live in a new way.
After a session you should pay particular attention to your behavior and monitor your reactions.

What does it mean to work over beliefs? How should they be changed?

This means that a theta healer needs to find out (using the theta level, for example) the key beliefs that feed negative programs. Algorithms for identifying such beliefs are studied at ThetaHealing® courses in the beginning – this is something to draw on. In the advanced course, they are no longer used. "Schemes of questions" are not the main thing as in each case the individual approach is important. The main thing is to be able to work with the beliefs on the theta level, "to hear" - "to see" - "to feel" the root of the problem; and this cannot be learned from textbooks - only by attending practical workshops. Work with beliefs is precisely what helps to solve one’s problems.

Who conducts the theta healing sessions at the Ukrainian theta center?

Certified trainer, theta healer and simply a wonderful person named Natalia Kedyk conducts sessions at the Ukrainian theta center. She also practices treatments with oils and crystals separately or together with the method of theta healing to strengthen the effect. The technique of treatment with oils can help get rid of blocks, emotions, negative feelings and programs so that a person feels harmony. The technique of working with crystals helps one look into the past, future and deeply understand limitations and capabilities that can be applied in the present.
Health improvement
Natasha, hello! I am writing to express huge thanks to you! (Hug) After our meeting, all has quietly gone and I am no longer coughing =)
Nelly, Moldova
Healing of schizophrenia
Natalia, hello! I want to share with you that your work is not in vain! =)
The diagnosis of Darina by doctors is not confirmed… I think this is all thanks to theta healing. Thank you!))
Mother of Darina, Moscow, Russia